So, how hard is game development?

Game development requires a lot of passion. If you have a lot of love for gaming and you want to build a game using your creativity, then you can do game development. But if you are doing it for money, then we wouldn’t recommend you to do it. Game development is not an easy path to take. Making a 3D game is far harder than making a website. Even with game development tools like Unity, it may be tough for people to make an excellent working game. Anyone can download a Game Making tool, go through tutorials, and develop a game. However, becoming a professional and making a well-structured game is very difficult. Game development requires you to know a lot of coding and have a lot of creativity compared to other programming jobs. Game development is an unstable job. You can make a game and publish it for people to play, but you’ll never know if it will succeed or not. It is possible to do game development for a living, but it requires a lot of patience and passion.

The process of building a game is very hard. First, you should know what tools to use and how to use them. There are hundreds of tutorials and articles on the internet itself that will help you through the beginning phase. Then you should be able to choose which tool is better for you and how to use it. Watching tutorials and practicing at the same time will be more beneficial. After you know all the basics, you should start planning your game. Start planning your designs and ideas in a paper. Rushing in the building will never get you anywhere. Every hour you spend working on the design will save you more hours in the development.

After you finish planning, you can start building your game. This is where you should work harder. Game development requires breaking into tiny steps and focus on each one, trying to maintain the whole thing together. Sometimes when you are trying to improve one step, other steps may be affected, and you have to look for the cause of that problem and try to fix it. At those times, it may be very stressful and challenging. The hardest part is finishing the game. It is easy to start the project, but to keep it going and addressing every detail, most of the people give up. The hours can be long, the development may take more time than estimated, the whole working environment can be stressful, but once the game is ready, it will bring out a different joy and excitement. But the process doesn’t end here. You need feedbacks and many tests to confirm if the game is ready. If you find a bug, then you need to go through some parts again to solve it. After different tests, your game is now ready to be published. Even after publishing the game, you will still need to work on the errors you will receive in the feedbacks. You can’t say that the game is ‘finished’ because you need to improve and update it from time to time.

But how HARD is it to make a game?

It depends on the scope or the overall vision of the game. If the plan is to make a big game like AAA games, then it will take years and years to complete it. But if the project is simple like flappy birds, then it might take between 1-3 months, depending on the programmer. It also depends on the features if it is 2D, 3D, Multiplayer, or online. The most important thing is that it is tough to find a job as a game developer.

Web development is much easier to find a job than game development. Nowadays, mobile game development needs web development to make a website for games. Working for an indie is different than working for a AAA publisher. You can’t be sure that your game will be a success or not, so your salary may not be as securely funded. Most of the people get into game development because they are passionate about making games, and they can’t see themselves making any other career. Spending months on codes, tracking down bugs, covering unexpected edge cases, and turning the game to make it feel smooth is a frustrating job, which is why many burn out and leave the gaming department and find other jobs in other industries. Getting a career in the gaming industry can be difficult even if you are experienced because, like other industries, more people are applying for jobs than there are jobs available. Many developers spend their days staring at a computer screen. The work is hard, the working hours are long, the competition for jobs is stiff, employees are frequently laid off, and quite often the pay is not so satisfactory.

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