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With the growth of technology and software companies, mobile gaming has started to become more popular. Technology has made our day to day activity more convenient, and now we are addicted to it. About 4/5 of the population have a phone in their hands. And having a portable device in your hand is much easier than carrying big and bulky laptops. Because everything can be done on mobile phones nowadays, people can now work on their phones without having to have a computer near them. So making mobile games was a great idea for developers since everyone started to own phones. But, when did the era of mobile games begin? According to Wikipedia, the Tetris variant on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device from 1994 is supposed to be known as the first game on mobile phones. Later In 1997, Nokia launched the Snake and its variants, which was preinstalled in devices manufactured by Nokia. But, In 2007, when Apple’s first iPhone was introduced, it opened a new era for mobile gaming. Many applications were made including mobile games, and new games have been developing ever since.

With the evolution of screen touch technology in mobile phones, developers went crazy on making games with better graphics, which is why mobile games started becoming more popular. The main reason that mobile games are so popular is that development takes less time, less investment, and they can reach a wider audience. Even PC games are being turned into mobile games. Some games that fall in the casual category are able to maintain their positions and also gain a wider audience. For example, Candy Crush is one of the most popular games and is still able to keep its audience because the game is challenging and addictive. These types of games involve basic gameplay that enhances each level as the player’s ability does. Mobile games reach a more extensive range of gamers, including the ones who don’t consider themselves gamers. There are many categories of games, and even triple-A games have started appearing in mobile games. Many people think that mobile game is not gaming and it is just a way to pass the time.

How do mobile games earn?

 Earning with mobile games is a hard job to do. It depends totally on the audience, and how much time they spend playing the game. During weekends and holidays, people are free, and they check out new mobile games. At those times, the earnings are higher. Some games have adds within the game and in-app purchases. Some games have add removal options that require money. Many games have an option where watching an add will reward the player. The most popular games also make merchandise and sell it. They make partnerships with other games and share the profit. But the hard part of earning through mobile games is that the game needs to be addictive so that a large number of the audience will stay active. You can spend hours and hours on a game and release it, but it will disappear in the sea of other popular games. There are reports that more than 300 games release every day on Play store and App store. To keep a game alive, one has to invest a lot of money in advertising and developers to make the game better.

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Games can also cure boredom, so try playing some of our games. We can’t promise you that it is addictive, but it will surely cure your boredom. Our games are simple and easy to understand, and even elders can play these games too.

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