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An online multiplayer game is a networked multiplayer game that requires a network service to play it. It is that type of game that can be played by more than two people at the same time. It allows a player to interact with other individuals through voice chats and message chats. Nowadays, online multiplayer games are also available in mobile devices. Before online multiplayer games were available in the market, there were split-screen multiplayer games that required two controllers connected to only one system. There were two different screens on the same TV/computer screen for players to play with two different views. According to Wikipedia, the first multiplayer game was mainly sports games named Tennis for two(1958) and Pong(1972). The first shooter and racing games were Spacewar!(1962) and Astro Race(1973).

Online multiplayer games are also known as “netplay.” It is an online platform where two or more players can play in the same game at the same time. Two or more different computers can view the same scenario using a server. There are different types of online multiplayer games where friends can play competing with each other, or they can team up and play against other players. Although there are numbers of different Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing(MMORPG) games (example: Harry Potter), Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy (MMORTS) games (example: War of legends), and Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooters (MMOFPS) games (example: Counter Strikes), are the most popular online games. The first popular online game that needed a LAN to play was 1991’s Spectre for the Apple Macintosh. The reason Massively Multiplayer Online games are so popular is that multiple humans are competing with each other, which is fun than competing with bots. The number of players playing the game is massively high; one doesn’t have to wait for an opponent to play the game. That is why many people choose Massively Multiplayer Online games rather than other Multiplayer games.

How do online multiplayer games work?
An online multiplayer game is the type of game that needs an internet connection to work properly. The program collects data from one player and transfers it to the server that transfers the data to the other player. For example, you’re playing PUBG with your friends, then the program collects pieces of information about your health, location, etc. and then pings the server and transfers that data in the form of packets to the server. The server then sends the data to your friend’s device. After your friend’s device gets all the information (your data), it replicates whatever is happening in your device. Everything happens quickly and continuously so that every single data that is changing will quickly be visible to the other’s device. The game may be laggish if one of the players has a poor server connection.

There are a lot of online multiplayer games that are simple and easy to make. You can have some work buddies and make a simple online board or card game within a year. But to make a big MMO game will take a lot of patience and developers. Companies invest millions in the development of the game, including salaries for the developers. Just like any other AAA game, when the game is ready, they again spent a couple of millions on the advertisement of the game. Most of the games hardly eans any profit, but when an MMO game starts getting popular, many people will start buying that game, and that’s how they earn money. For instance, let’s take the League of Legends. The game was released in late 2009, and by 2017 they were willing to pay $180000-$190000 a year to a good, experienced Senior Producer. If the game gains more popularity, then the developers may also get from $115000-$220000 in a year. If you are looking on to build your own MMO game, then you have to save $50 M-$150 M as the budget for the development of the game. A PC/console MMO game is a risky work since there are no ads or in-app purchases like mobile games. The money they get depends on the number of people who actually buy the game from the store. If the game is purchased from an online store, then some percentage of the money (depends on the store) will be given to the store since they also need to earn money. So, if you want to make a profit form PC/console MMO games, then the game should be a big project or really addictive.

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