How we build a good relationship with each other

We are a group of young and creative people helping each other and working together at Yarsa ( Our company is our passion. Everyone here is focused on their work, and our works are what makes us happy. There are some serious people too who are very serious about their work. And when I say serious, I mean dead serious.

Hi! I am Unish Gurung, an employee of Yarsa. I am here, writing this blog to share with you guys about how we managed to maintain a good relationship with each other. If you work in an office, then maybe this blog will help you or give you ideas on how to develop a good relationship among your fellow workers.

Making office flexible

In many offices, there are many limitations that employees have to maintain. An employee’s main target should be to get their work done within the given time. But at Yarsa, we have no limitations. We are not given a fixed time to get our job done. Even if it takes us months or so, we are ought to pour our creativity in our work and make it original and unique. Our company does not have any dress codes. We are free to wear whatever is comfortable, which helps in focusing on our work. If we have any other non-official tasks to do, then we can ask permission and take a little break to complete it. Our company has helped us induce our creativity level with no boundaries. We are free to explore and increase our skills.

Regular meetings

Meetings for us are not just where we talk about tasks and problem-solving methods. We held meetings every Friday. We do not just talk out about our problems but share our progress throughout the week. Everyone shares whatever they had done and suggest each other on how we can improve it. Suppose one of us is working on a game, everyone is free to share their ideas and suggestions on how to make the game better. Meetings also help us to know what one is doing. We learn to take feedback positively and increase our morale.

Taking every task as an opportunity

Every day we get to learn new things. Every new task we get is an opportunity for us to learn something new from others who are more mastery in that topic. There is no neediness to feel ashamed about something that you don’t know. Everyone here says that giving knowledge is gaining knowledge. If we have any problems or questions about anything, then we can ask for help with someone who has a better knowledge about it. No one hesitates to help, even if they are really busy working, they will take out some time to clear things out. Learning new things will also help to grow personal skills. 

Office parties and office outings

Too much work might stress out someone’s mind. Everybody needs a break from work and needs to refresh his/her mind. Office parties and office outings are good ideas for giving workers to break from work. At Yarsa, we have parties every last Friday of the month and outings once a year. Giving a break from works helps to enrich creativity and helps to focus more on work after some refreshments. These types of programs keep us closer to each other. 

How did all this help in maintaining a good relationship?

Communication is the key! We get many opportunities to communicate with each other. All the meetings and parties we had helped us understand each other. Not everyone here is like me; talkative. Some are shy, and some are serious people. Everything we do in the office helped us know our differences, and we respect each other’s decisions and privacy. This is how we build a good relationship with each other.

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