Distraction at the Workplace

Almost every person is distracted at work. We often spend most of our work time being distracted to certain things at the workplace that seems to get us nowhere. Distraction makes it harder to concentrate, and when one is distracted, then it takes an average of 20-30 mins to regain focus again. We may think that we have refocused on our work, but the only thing we are doing is trying to finish the work as fast as possible. At this time, we are stressed and in a rush to get the job done, and the work done at these times is not at it’s best. Rushing can make us feel less productive and leads to feeling anxious and unpresentable. Here are some everyday things that distract workers in the workplace.


Smartphones have made our day to day activities easy, which is why we are easily addicted to it. It helps us to communicate, catch up on the news, and with an internet connection, research can be done in a minute. Smartphone also increases productivity because of its flexibility. We depend on the phone for our day to day activity from waking us up to reminding us to go to bed. But the more we depend on smartphones, the harder it gets to concentrate while we are working. It takes away the eagerness to do the job with full potential. The constant notifications give us anxiety, and we want to check it as soon as possible, which distracts our minds, and we lose focus. Well, putting the phone in silent mode or leaving it somewhere else when you are working can help reduce this type of distraction, but different apps also help hide notifications at a specific time. 

Social Media

Almost everyone uses social media nowadays, and the problem with it is that it may get very addictive. If it is used productively, then it can bring many possibilities from doing business to doing researches. Social media is a place where you can easily find clients to sell your products and grow popularity. Because it is addicting, it has drawbacks too. It is also a reason why workers get distracted from work because all the focus is on social media, and it develops anxiety. Since all the attention is on “likes” and “comments,” it impacts work performance and productivity. To avoid this distraction, you can schedule a time to check everything and turn off the internet connection. Tho it will feel very uncomfortable, and you might feel very anxious for some days, it will slowly become a habit, and you can entirely focus on the work.

Talkative Coworkers

When people talk, it is distracting everyone. And talkative coworkers are the biggest distraction in the workplace. Well, talking with coworkers is a good thing to do since it builds a positive attitude among coworkers and bring a comfortable environment in the workplace. Often, people don’t realize that they are being too loud and distract other’s attention. And mumbling noises coming from gossips also makes people lose complete focus on work. When this kind of situation happens, most of the workers don’t speak up because they think it is rude or bossy behavior. To deal with this type of situation, you can politely tell them that they are too loud. In most cases, it works, but if it doesn’t work, then these types of things should be discussed in the office meetings. If one of them wants to gossip with you and wouldn’t stop talking, you can tell them that you are in a hurry to finish work and that you’ll catch up with them later. 

Strict Policies

Some offices have strict policies that treat grown-up workers like kinder garden kids. Strict policies distract works because it causes stress and fear. There are cases where employers would want their employees to come back from the restroom within 3 minutes, ask them for a doctor’s note whenever they take sick leave. There are a lot of companies having dress codes that workers should follow, which might not be so comfortable to wear and concentrate. Fortunately, the majority of offices that do not imply strict policies and focus more on the employee’s performance. Many employers think that strict policies are not necessary; performance is all that matters. And if you learn to respect and trust your workers, then they will also learn to respect and follow the office policies.


Several studies have found that multitasking is negatively effective in our brains. We tend to do two or three tasks at the same time, thinking that we’re saving time and effort. But our minds are not able to focus on many things at the same time. Multitasking kills our productivity resulting in the product to be unsatisfactory. It is very distracting since jumping from one task to another and concentrating is each one is not possible. Some jobs should have multitasking abilities like accountants who have to talk on the phone and type at the same time or language translators who have to listen and speak at the same time. Even with training, multitasking can damage the brain and reduce creativity level. A to-do-list can help reduce multitasking because there will be a schedule for finishing and starting a new task.

Distraction will always be the greatest enemy for workers in the workplace. Sometimes you might find rude people around your office who can make you annoyed, and they might also distract you. At those times, you have to have a smile on your face and tell them about how you feel. It might not make him/her change their behavior, but you will feel a little better, and it will be easy to focus on work.

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