Game Designing

Video game designing is designing and planning the story, environment, graphics, sound, etc. of video games. Game designers design for varieties of platforms like consoles, mobile phones, and PC. They work on different genres like online games, multiplayer games, offline games, games that have different story modes, and many others. They work to form the storyline, levels, environment, dialogue, and try to create reactions for every possible action that a player may choose. 

What does a game designer do?

Video game designers think like a gamer and see for all the possibilities that they can do while they are playing the game. They think of a reaction for every possible action a player can do and create a system that responds to those actions. They plan and design the whole concept of the game and write codes to make the game. Coding is the hardest part to do because the entire game works on coding, and one minor mistake can give a big headache since the source has to be figured out in the sea of thousands of codes. Even when the game is complete, they work on bugs to make the game feel smooth and enjoyable. Everything is created with the help of software. Making a video game is a very complex task since it takes millions of lines of codes that makes the game alive and an engaging storyline that can attract people to play the game. Now, all of this work can not be done by one guy alone. Possibly he can, but it will take years and years to finish the game. So, to finish the game is less time, the work is divided for each designer to complete a specific part of the game.

 Here is a list of different types of designers:

  • Lead designers: They are the ones who manage the team of designers and make sure that the development is going as planned. They are mainly responsible for every important decision or different changes in the game.
  • Level designers: They are the most known among all other game designers. They create levels in the game by placing different props, villains, or creatures to make the game more exciting and challenging. They are the ones responsible for the overall scenario of the game. 
  • Content designers: They are the ones that are responsible for the narration of the game. They write the narratives needed in the game to support the storyline.
  • System Designers: They use their knowledge and skills and work on a specific system within the game. They create specific features such as artificial intelligence, game rules, matchmaking, and also game modes.
  • Technical designers: They are a part programmer and also designers. They are responsible for implementing the gameplay and make the game run smoothly. 
  • User Interface Designers: UI designers test the game and make sure that it is easy for the players to understand the game.
  • Design Director: They oversee the project. They manage the overall quality of the final product. 

What are the basic skills that a Game Designer should have?

A game designer should have good communication skills and a high level of creativity. They should have a lot of passion for video games and the ability to work in a team. They should have gaming experience so that they can know what a gamer likes or dislikes in a game. A game designer should be able to come up with new and creative game ideas. They should be good at developing characters, maps, different scenarios, and levels. And most important is patience because designing and producing a game is not a piece of cake.

Best types of Game Designs:

One of the best types of games is the “hyper-casual” game, which is simple design games, but the difficulty level increases as the player’s skills to play the game also increases. But what makes the game attractive and enjoyable? Simple and beautiful designs attract most of the people. Heavy gamers usually like realistic-looking gameplay. Games that have consequences also tend to attract many people. The idea of making people choose what happens to their character makes players want to play the game more and more. The game should be designed in a mysterious way so that the player would not know what is going to happen next in the game. If the game is predictable, then it will be very boring. For the economical purpose, a game that attracts people emotionally will be very profitable. For instance, a player spends most of his time building and growing his castle, but when his castle gets destroyed, he can easily spend thousands of money to get the revenge and build up his castle again. 

Some famous game designers and their popular games:

  • Hideo Kojima- He was famous for designing Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid series.
  • Sid Meier- He was famous for making Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon and Sid Meier’s Civilization.
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi- He became famous with his all-time famous game Final Fantasy.
  • Gabe Newell- He is famous for making Counter-Strike, Half-Life, and Dota 2, which are very famous among today’s gamers.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto- He was famous for his Wii games, mainly Wii sports and Super Mario.

Game designers work 30-40 hours a week on average, and they also work on weekends and overtime when the deadline is near. On average, a game designer earns around $40,000-$70,000 per year, but it can also grow to $100,000 per year according to their level of experience and skills. Most of the game designers receive additional income in forms of bonus or when there is a big profit in the company. 

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