Importance of a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are very important in a company, and they play a vital role in the sales of the company. We are going to discuss why graphic designers are so important, but first, let’s take a look at what graphic designing is. 

Graphics is a computer-generated image that can be displayed on a variety of surfaces like paper, walls, screen, etc. A graphics designer is the person who creates these images using computer software and their creativity and communicates using illustration, photography, and typography — a graphics designer, designs visual content for a specific purpose like, to give information or tell a story.

What does a Graphic Designer do?

A graphic designer uses different software or by hand, create visual content for websites, books, posters, product packaging, magazines, and give an organization a unique brand identity. They understand what their clients want from the design and create the exact image that can satisfy the client. They mainly work for companies that sell products, and they create product packaging or identificatory product logos to captivate the consumer. They are responsible for the overall layout and production designs for brochures, business cards, advertisements, and other marketing categories. 

Some essential skills of a Graphic Designer:

  • Communication: The main skills that a graphic designer should have is communication. They need to understand their client’s needs, and communicating with them comfortably will help them open up more clearly, which helps to create a successful product. And they should be able to communicate ideas through what they create.
  • Creativity: Only the ones who have a creative mind can be a graphic designer because they have to create such designs that can attract people and also convey ideas through it. They have to work on many projects and need to come up with new ideas for every project.
  • Technology: Graphic designers should be familiar with various technology and software to create graphics. Softwares that are made for designing like Adobe, Quark, and GIMP are the weapons for a graphic designer. For a graphic designer job, one should know how to use these types of software, specifically Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Typography: Texts on an image visually affect the appearance of the whole picture. A graphic designer should know how to make text look visually appealing and illegible on an image. To make a design more effective, one has to be highly trained, and he should understand how to utilize fonts in a way that makes it visually appealing.

Workhours and Salary

A graphic designer works 37-40 hours a week and work extra hours when there is a lot of work or when the deadline is near. On average, one experienced graphic designer earns about $45,000-$60,000, but it varies according to their experience and responsibilities. They might raise to $80,000 if there is a big profit or as a form of bonus.

Importance of a Graphic Designer

Many business owners think that having a graphics designer is just a waste of money. They will try to do the work themselves or have it done by some cheap designers who are not so experienced. Sometimes the designs turn out pretty ok, but these types of designs don’t attract customers often. So here are some major importance of a graphic designer that some business owner passes over. 

  • A graphic designer knows how colors work on a design, and they have the knowledge of how to use colors for printing. Often when a non-experienced designer makes a design using RGB colors, the printed colors might not be the same as the colors they see on the screen, and they have to spend more money to print the design again.
  • A good graphic designer knows how to use text for different content. Typography affects the whole look of the design. There are various ways text can attract attention with its size, boldness, and font.
  • A well designed graphic design seeks to attract a large number of people and boost up sales. When the packaging and overall design of the product are attractive, then people tend to buy those products because of the packaging itself.
  • Good graphic design makes the product look more promisable. It makes the product look like a big and trustable company made it.
  • Every company and brand has its logo or specific design that they use in their products that represent the company. And a graphic designer knows how to make those types of designs that represent the company and grab people’s attention. 

A design, a text, a flyer, a business card might only represent the company and its products, but the whole concept and designs are all from a graphic designer that impacts the audiences.

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