Some Impacts of Gaming

From the first appearance of video games to this day, people have been asking the same question; Are video games good or bad? Everyone has their own heir opinion on this topic. Some people say its both good and bad. So, here are some impacts of gaming that might change your thoughts on this topic.

Staying indoor

Parents think that video games are helping their kids stay inside the house. Before video games were popular, parents would complain about their kids that they are always out of the house and wouldn’t come back home before dinner. Around those times, the number of crimes was quite rare, but it has been increasing tremendously. But because of video games, parents are relieved that their kids are indoors and in front of them 24/7.

Decision-making abilities

There are so many games that we can find which are very challenging. Mind games, trick-taking games, puzzle games, educative games, and so many more categories. These games exercise, and train our brains to make decisions in the shortest time. Playing these types of games will coordinate our minds and hands to take action quickly. Playing puzzle games will also increase our thinking capability.

Releases anxiety

Everyone needs some time to relax and release anxiety. Some people go near lakes, rivers or beaches, and some like to stay alone where they can find peace. Just like that, games are also a place where people tend to release anxiety. Games distract our minds from things that are happening around us. Role-playing games and adventure games take us to another world where we get to choose what happens next to our character. Games can also change emotions and can make people happy, relaxed, or sad if they lose. But losing a game and trying hard until you win tends to help us cope with failures. 

Social interaction

Not everyone is bolder enough to stand up to someone and start a conversation. Some people are shy, and they find it hard to meet people in real life. That is why they take advantage of social media and use it as a means to communicate to make new friends. Multiplayer games are also one place where people interact with each other. Players who play multiplayer games tend to have better social skills. Some people claim that playing and being able to talk with other people have boosted up their confidence level. Many parents complain that their child is not socially interactive and push their children to talk to people. Sometimes the kids may be too shy to interact face to face, and forcing them might lead them to be aggressive or depressed.


Gaming addiction has started to become a major problem nowadays. Since gaming has helped many people forget about reality and relax, people are getting addicted to gaming. Some people even spend 12-20 hours, gaming non-stop without any rest. These kinds of players have aggression leading them to play until they reach what they want. But not every gamer who plays for hours are addicted to gaming. For some gamers, gaming is their profession. There are many platforms for gamers where they show their gaming skills and earn money. Like Twitch, YouTube, and many other platforms where they stream live or post their gaming videos. When streamers are promoting new games, they can earn from $1000- $10,000 per hour, depending on their views and subscribers.

Health problems

We all know that staying too much in front of the computer screen or mobile screens can cause poor vision. By the age of 25, many people damage their eyesight and wear glasses. Staying in the same position can also cause backbone problems and pain in some parts of the body. In some cases, when a player does not get the reward he desired from the game, he/she might get in depression. Teens tend to skip meals and sleep to play games which is harmful for a growing body. Less exercise can lead to obesity. But these problems are all caused due to excessive gaming. Some gamers are physically and mentally healthy because they manage their time on gaming and other physical activities. 

To play or not to play?

So, should you let your kids play video games or not? Well, video games have positive sides and negative sides too. Besides everything, a kid might show aggression, depending on their personalities and the things they have learned from their surroundings. Sometimes parents need to think clearly about their actions on their kids and what impacts it can give to them. Parents should try to understand their children and provide them with some time. If your child is playing excessively, then don’t try to spill your anger on them on the spot, or they might get even angrier. Let them finish, and then you can talk it out with your child. Let them play if they want to but tell them to take some break and not to sit in front of the computer for too long. Or, parents can even make a time table for their kids, arranging a time for their day to day activities.

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