What are PC and Console Gaming?

In this article, we’re just going to address what PC and Console games are and why gamers like playing them.

PC Gaming

Personal computer games are computer games that can be played using keyboard and mouse and variation of controllers. Gaming Pc can be built, or one can buy a pre-build pc. Many gamers prefer custom computers because they are customizable and can be updated as per the needs. So, what are the advantages of Pc gaming?

According to PC gamers, the main thing they like about gaming in PC is because it can give 4k resolution of 60FPS at 1080p. They like the option to customize their computers in the way they like. There is a wider variety of games on PCs, and they are cheaper than console games. Many gamers like PC games because of the competition. They think that playing with a keyboard and mouse is more difficult than playing with controllers. There is also an option to connect controllers to the pc which might seem a nice alternative to people who have just shifted from console games to pc games. Multiple programs can run in PC like video editing software, screen recording, photoshop, and many more. This is why streamers and YouTubers prefer PCs because they can go live while they are gaming and even post their gameplay. Games in PCs are cheaper when bought online from stores like Steam, where games are 60% cheaper when there is a sale going on. Even the oldest games can run on PC, plus there are several varieties of multiplayer games available for the PC platform.

There are many facilities of PC, but there are also many complications that PC gamers have to go through. Building a PC can be rewarding, but it is stressful and time-consuming, and it requires constant updates. To play the latest games, computer graphics card, sound card, processor, and sometimes even the operating system of the PC needs to be upgraded to the latest specifications. Repairing and upgrading are very time consuming and expensive, and players often complain that they spend more time upgrading and fixing the PC rather than playing the actual game. PC gamers have to deal with bugs, lags, graphical problems, and hackers who cheat to win the game. Though PC allows players to play for several hours, the PC may not sometimes work due to overheating.

Console Gaming

The console is a gaming box that is designed to play games when it is connected to a TV. It is a portable gaming box that can be taken anywhere, and it just needs a TV to play video games using controllers. So, what are the advantages of Console games?

It is portable, which is the main reason why gamers like to play in the console rather than the PC. It is even cheaper than buying PC, and there is no need to play for extra graphics cards or processors like PC. Consoles are easy to play; plug it in, insert the game, and the game starts instantly, and players don’t have to wait for installation or updates. Unlike PC, the console doesn’t need any graphics adjustments to avoid framerate drops. Two players can simply play together on a console by plugging in another controller or plug in a keyboard and mouse in the USB slots. Console players find the controllers and the design much comfortable than the keyboard and mouse. The additional benefit of the console is that it can be played sitting anywhere comfortably, like a sofa or beds. The other reason why console players like to play the console is that there are exclusive games on the console that you cannot find in PC. And a console will last for 5 years without any need to repair it or update it.

The console may last longer than 5 years, but it will not be able to support the latest games. It gets outdated, which is why there is a need to buy a new console every 4-5 years. Unlike PC, a console is just a gaming box, and it is not capable of doing other creative programs. Consoles are cheaper than PC, but the games are expensive, and players have to buy every single game. For instance, a console game is 60$, but the same game is 20-30$ in Steam, which is much more cheaper. Console users have to pay extra money to play online games when they are already paying for their internet connection. Also, old console games will never run on the new versions of the console. 

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